Just Another Day In The Life...

Birthday in Rome.

Today I turned twenty, as my best friend pointed out no longer a teenager. 

Well it’s a new decade in my life and it’s going to take a lot to top the last one which brought upon me many ups and down. Introduced me to the people I now consider my brothers and of course to my best friend. It also saw me get through high school, get accepted into one of the best public universities (Cal) and finally allowed me to live my dream by living in Rome. But, these are all things that happened within the past 4 years; the past decade has however given me so many more experiences which I’ve grown from and have in turn made me stronger. At times I felt weak, I wanted to give up but there was always something, or someone, that kept me going. I thank everyone who has been there for me the past ten years. No, actually anyone who has been there the past twenty years. Wow, twenty. 

But anyways, I could write an entire story but I’m getting a tad bit tired so I’ll run you through my day. At midnight (Rome time) I received three text messages wishing me a happy birthday (Vicky, David and Mauro). I shortly after received Jorge’s email in which case he did not wait 3 minutes before my birthday was over (as he did last year) to wish me a happy birthday. Then I fell asleep. Haha.

I woke up, showered got ready then went to class. When I got there one of my classmates told my teacher it was my birthday which then lead to them singing happy birthday (in Italian, of course). This now lets me say that I’ve been sung to in English, Spanish, French and Italian! So that was pretty cool :) 

After class I was surprised with 1 KG (about 2.2 pounds) of Gelato (Banana and Strawberry). Oh man, it was a tough challenge, but indeed I finished most of it (about 95%). Oh, and I got to eat this at Piazza Navona of which the fountains are designed by Bernini (who was very much involved in my birthday this year <3). Oh I LOVE BERNINI, just incase you didn’t know. 

Then I had two more classes, one which is boring so I won’t even talk about it. BUT THEN, I had my Baroque art class! The BEST lecture of the year in the teachers opinion and my God it was! The lecture on Bernini’s “Flight of Troy,” “Rape of Persephone,” “Apollo and Daphne” and finally “David.” My GOD this professor just speaks about these works of art like no other, he truly allows you to encapsulate everything that Bernini did. Every last detail is explained to you, not only that but the way he does it. It just left me.. speechless. “The Genius” of Bernini as he has coined it along with his lecture just.. WOW. The best part of all this was that we didn’t see these sculptures on a projector, oh no! They were in front of our eyes at Villa Borghese, amazing everything Rome has to offer. It is after all Bernini!

After that I had to power walk my way back to the school because some friends were waiting to take me out to eat. So, when in Rome do as the Romans right? Yup, pizza it was! and boy was it amazing! 

Now I’m here, going over birthday wishes and about to shower so that I could attempt to wake up tomorrow around 6 and make my way to Naples and Pompei for the weekend! Thanks for everything guys <3 

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